Liz told me the other day that she thought I had a problem. I listen to too much Phoenix. Ehh it’s probably true but if you haven’t listened to “Lisztomania” yet you are definitely missing out on your 2009 summer song. As I’m sitting here I find myself unable to not turn it on…

A couple weeks ago I got to see them 3 times in a 4 day period. Ridiculous I know but let me explain as to why this happened. I originally wanted to buy tickets to see their Washington D.C. show at the Rock and Roll Hotel but I waited too long, like 2 days too long, and they sold out. I saw that they were playing a show at Terminal 5 in NYC the Friday before so I bought Liz and I tickets. I knew I could just go up and stay with Alex and have a good weekend up there anyways. So I call Alex to tell him about the plan and he finds out they are playing Thursday night at a venue in Brooklyn, a venue that is much smaller and one I would probably enjoy the show at more. He gets us 4 tickets.

So the week of Phoenix shows gets here, and by then we had decided to have Raechel come from Philly to NYC for the Thursday night show too. I was excited to dance with at least a couple of my Sauces at these shows. Thursday night’s show at the Williamsburg Music Hall was a blast. During the last song “1901,” Thomas Mars jumped down into the crowd while everyone was singing “fold it!” over and over. When he turned around to come back to the stage we totally had a somewhat sweaty hug. It was amazing. Love the French boys. I think this show was my favorite one, so thank you Alex for finding out about it and making sure we went.

via Jonny Leather

Friday night’s show at Terminal 5 was a lot of fun, I got to go see them with Liz! Although it was a much larger venue that didn’t mean anything less of the show. Terminal 5 has 3 different levels with bars and even a rooftop bar! It was such a great night to be in the city and to and from the venue Liz and I kept asking ourselves, “why don’t we live here!?”

At some point on Saturday I was on Facebook chat talking to my friend Derick. He told me that he still had an extra ticket for the Phoenix show in D.C. Sunday night. Unlike me he had bought tickets right away. His friend was being really iffy about coming so Derick invited me to go. I checked out bus times and found out it would only cost me $20 from NYC to D.C. and I would arrive right about the perfect time.

You can totally see me in this photo, right behind Thomas Mars is Raechel and to the right is me!
via abzpunkphoto

I got to D.C. around 8pm on Sunday evening and we were a 5 minute drive to the venue. The Rock and Roll Hotel only holds about 400 people, so needless to say it was a very hot, sweaty dance party in there. Even though I did find that the D.C. crowd was kinda lame and not dancing and singing as much when they should have been. I didn’t take my camera with me on the trip but I had a little disposable camera with me, so when Thomas Mars came back down into the crowd for “1901” like I knew he would do, I was singing and dancing right next to him and managed to get a couple good ones. It was interesting since the R&R is a much smaller place the sound system was much smaller too, so the show sound was entirely different from the previous two I had seen, this one was a lot grittier sounding, not quite as polished, but I liked being able to see that different side.

This is the setlist for all 3 shows. Kind of a bummer it was the same, but I suppose not too many people went to all 3 shows like I did.
1. Lisztomania
2. Long Distance Phone Call
3. Consolation Prizes
4. Lasso
5. Napoleon Says
6. Funky Squaredance
7. Rally
8. Girlfriend
9. Armistice
10. Love Like a Sunset Parts 1 and 2
11. Run Run Run
12. Too Young
13. Sometimes in The Fall
14. Rome

15. If I Ever Feel Better
16. 1901

And you better believe I just got my tickets in the mail to go see them in September in NYC again. A girl obsessed, yes I am.


2 thoughts on “Phoenix

  1. How does this blog entry not have a comment? Pretty awesome post, now if only we could find a soundboard rip of one of the nights

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