Staten Island Ferry

If you ever find yourself in NYC on a nice, warm sunny day I suggest going to ride the Staten Island Ferry. Not only is it a big orange boat, it’s a big orange free to ride on boat. Plus I had no idea that Staten Island is as cute as it is.

Tips for having a good time on the Staten Island Ferry:

1. Go with your best friend and take cheesy disposable camera pictures the whole time.

2. If you don’t get on the boat that has the outside decks, just go to back end of the boat, everyone else will be at the front waiting to get off.

This boat did good things for my hair, I like this.

3. Make sure you get on the side of that boat that passes the Statue of Liberty, kind of like going to Liberty Island except for not actually going at all.

4. Order the giant size Foster’s can. You only have about 20 minutes to drink it all. We got the text too late on the way back to do this, but next time I’m all over it.


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