Beach banger

This weekend was spent in the water. Between the pool, river and ocean my new bathing suit got itself good use.

Saturday was spent at Texas Beach, which is a part of the river I’ve never been to before. Before Saturday I can’t remember the last time I went swimming in the river. It’s just a scary body of water to me, too many rocks, too much change in water direction and currents, just something that I usually can’t handle. Texas Beach is nice though, there’s some sand on the bottom and easy enough to swim and get around the rocks. The water was really warm too.

That evening was followed by a hangout on Trey’s porch, then dancing to the girls of Cherry Bomb at Cous Cous and then a #parkberry pool party. At the #parkberry pool party we had all the neighbors out and hanging (who were making fun of hipsters?), Phil in his undies, and two guys that jumped in the pool wearing their suits. Did that really happen?

Today was a day spent at the beach. We went to Sandbridge and I only got a little bit sunburned! It was great and super relaxing and made me miss living down there more than I’ve felt in awhile.

This week I’m off from work, so I plan on catching up on some photo work, blogging more?, and possibly going back down to Virginia Beach to hang with the fam. Ahh summer why are you moving by so quickly?


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