Last week either on Facebook or his blog, Phil was talking about the project We Choose the Moon. It’s an interactive site that is re-enacting the Apollo 11 mission. That’s the mission that got two men on the moon for the first time. It’s a really interesting, something I definitely showed to my girls (learning in the summer time!) and I’ve had a good nerdy time following the site. Right now they are in the entering moon orbit stage but stages will quickly move from here. Phil had posted a link to the Big Picture photo blog, it’s run by the Boston Globe and one of my favorites photo blogs. The link took me too the batch of Apollo 11 pictures they had posted earlier last week.

This one image and quote gave me the chills.

“Little by little, they grew closer, steady, as if on rails, and I thought ‘What a beautiful sight,’one that had to be recorded. As I reached for my Hasselblad, suddenly the Earth popped up over the horizon, directly behind Eagle. I could not have staged it any better, but the alignment was not of my doing, just a happy coincidence. I suspect a lot of good photography is like that, some serendipitous happenstance beyond the control of the photographer. But at any rate, as I clicked away, I realized that for the first time, in one frame, appeared three billion earthlings, two explorers, and one moon. The photographer, of course, was discreetly out of view.” – Astronaut Michael Collins


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