Holy cow

This is absolutely amazing. The only one I can remotely tell is done from a ballpoint pen is the very first one. And that’s only because I know to look for it.

reblogged from bringonthetragedy:

31-year-old artist juan francisco casas creates hyper-realistic drawings using only blue bic ballpoint pens based on photos of his friends. the level of detail in these drawings is absolutely astonishing. each piece takes him approximately 2 weeks and he goes through about 4 pens.


here’s the full article.

thanks to sara at little lamb for sending me the link!

edit: i wrote a comment about this, but it’s worth blogging about, so here’s my edit. the sheer talent and skill alone is enough to be fascinated by here.. but another thing that interests me is this girl. i’m always intrigued when an artist does a lot of pieces featuring one specific girl. it makes me wonder what the story is. who is she? why is she such an inspiration to the artist? it just makes something already compelling even more so. awesome.



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