Birthdays and beaches

This past weekend was pretty great.

Friday night was Becki’s birthday dinner at Edo’s Squid followed by some delicious chocolate unicorn birthday cake. I went over to Mary’s house a couple hours before dinner to help her with Ruby so she could get ready and stuff. That little girl already has me completely wrapped around her little finger. She’s completely amazing. She came to dinner with all of us and was quite the little trooper on her first girl’s night!

(I used Poladroid to make it look like this, so awesome!)

After cake and ice cream back at Mary’s place I went to Nile where Kenny was unveiling his newest DJ endeavor. Towards the end of the night he played some really great songs like Martha and Vandellas “Heat Wave” and other fun dance songs. It was pretty cute.

Saturday morning everyone got up early to make the trek to Virginia Beach. I drove separately because I stayed at my parent’s house overnight. It ended up being 11 of us on the beach after what felt like forever to finally get there. Saturdays in July at the beach are crowded no matter where you go. The southernmost beach you can go to was almost impossible. Once everyone got there and was settled it was a pretty awesome day. Phil took a ton of photos of all the Sauce ladies jumping, playing in the water and pretty much looking ridiculous.

photo by Phil Bowne

I got to hang out with my family on Saturday night, we grilled some burgers and just caught up. The next morning I took my little sister and her friend to the beach for a couple hours. It was kind of nice just worrying about one car down there and just our stuff. I’m feeling not as pale as I was before, and think I might go back next week. Let’s be honest laying on the sand is 100 times better than laying on a rock by the river.


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