I’m in Memphis visiting my grandparents for the week (Memphis pictures coming soon) and for the last couple of days have been going through old photos with my grandma. I pulled the old film slides from the 1950’s and 1960’s out last night of my dad as a little boy. I’ve had a great time going through and organizing them and I’m actually bringing them home with me to Richmond to scan in so they will be viewable besides just on these tiny little slides.

In light of all the old photos I asked my grandma if any of the old cameras were laying around, possibly any that I could bring home and use. She told me where the drawer was that would possibly have some and I found an old Minolta SRT 101. It came out in 1966.

I’m very excited to bring this little baby home and see what can happen with it. It’s in great condition and seems as if everything is working on it. I’ve never really had the chance to use an old film camera. I even got a little excited and bought 5 expired rolls of Kodachrome slide film since it will be gone by the end of the year. Since I’ve never tried the film might as well try it, expired or not, before it’s gone forever. Photoshoot?


3 thoughts on “Minolta

  1. This looks like fun!
    BUT FIRST – have it cleaned!!!!!!
    John recently started using his father’s very cool, vintage Retina 2-a, but first he sent it out to be cleaned. He’d done some reading that suggested that any camera that has gone unused for years will carry with it (and in it) a load of dust. And using it without cleaning it first can lead to grim being ground into it, in places no photographer wants grim.
    He sent his camera off to a guy who did a good job(and a reasonably priced job) of cleaning his camera. I don’t think it took very long either.
    I will ask him who cleaned it – or you can write him directly at q2w3e4.jk@gmail.com
    Love you!

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