My uncle sent me this video because awhile ago when we were all out of my grandma’s house we all tried to do this. Mine was the best by far, I think I actually included all 50 states. Where as some of my family had big open spots in the middle or in New England they decided to rename. But I have to give it to the senator, he’s really good at it.


5 thoughts on “Geography

  1. Hey – what am I, chopped liver? I sent you this video THIS morning!!!!!!
    No mention?????
    Where’s the love missy?

  2. Sorry – my mistake. I forgot that JK has his name on everything. Sometimes you’d think it was the 1950’s around here. Now excuse me, I’ve got to got get him his slippers and refresh his martini….

  3. yeah, we were pretty pathetic, weren’t we? Do you still have our maps? I think I labeled some of mine as “Dark Territory”… at least I gave a shout out to LOST! hehe

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