Never had any fun


2 thoughts on “Never had any fun

  1. That first photo immediately made me think of your Grand-dad (your mom’s dad) and his love of a good sale. Every once in a while, the drugstore would put all the odds & ends that weren’t selling on sale. Dad would sometimes bring home a new “treasure” that he’d picked up on sale – he just couldn’t resist! One time he appeared wearing a straw cowboy hat, which I have to say, was an daring fashion statement for a balding man in a pharmacist’s jacket to try. But my all-time favorite thing he brought home was a pair of wrap around, ski-goggle-like, huge sunglasses. Did I mention they were school bus yellow? Between laughs, we all quizzed him with whys? whats? and wheres? and most importantly when was he planning on wearing them? (I don’t know about Mama or J, but I planned to be anywhere else!) Your Grand-dad could be a mite eccentric! Good thing he had a sense of humor!
    Thanks for reminding me!
    p.s. liked the song – kinda Beatles influenced, yes?

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