The fall has already kicked off to an unbelievable start. This past Friday we all gathered on the rooftop of 319 to watch “Wet Hot American Summer” projected onto the graffiti covered brick wall. Apparently this is something the 319 boys have been wanting to do for awhile and I’m so glad it finally happened. It was Phil’s actual birthday as well, so pretty good birthday night I would guess.

Saturday night was Phil’s big birthday dance party at Cous Cous. I brought the camera out and managed to get lots of great photos of everyone dancing their hearts out. I know Phil had a great time, when all of your friends show up to something like that it’s a great feeling for sure. The last late night pool party of 2009 at #parkberry happened after the Cous Cous madness and while it was a good time I’m glad that thing is closing for awhile. Plus I can’t believe people actually got in the pool, it was cold!

On Sunday evening I met up with Jon and his fiance Amanda to take some engagement photos for them. I was thinking the sun set a little later than it did but we still managed to get some cute photos. It was nice to hang out with Amanda and get to know her a little bit better and they seem very happy together.

This weekend has lots going on as well, off to NYC with Hunter on Thursday, Phoenix (yes for the 4th time this year) on Friday night in Central Park and Carley’s wedding on Saturday! It never slows down!


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