Summer recap 2009

I know most people wait until the end of the year to do their “end of year recap blog post,” but since this summer has been so insane/ridiculous/crazy/epic I just felt like I needed to recap on things that happened.

I think it all really got going when it was completely confirmed that Liz and I would be moving into #parkberry. I think we kinda knew it would “go offff” at that point.

The beginning of June meant I only had one month left in that horrible basement apartment situation I was in and it couldn’t come fast enough. Although I basically was living by myself at that point, the reasons I’m pretty sure I’ll never know. One night Hunter, Liz and Kelsey had a little photoshoot at my house. One of my favorite images I’ve taken this summer we did that night.

I also made my homemade ringflash, which I’m still proud of. Not gonna lie.

Like a ridiculous stalker I also got to see Phoenix three times in one very awesome weekend. This was also the weekend that I figured out how to start tweeting from my phone. Twitter has been something that all of us have gotten into this summer, and in some ways shaped some of the things that have happened.

July finally arrived, and I was finally out from underground. My biggest suggestion to anyone looking at living in a basement apartment, DO NOT DO IT. Since July 4th was a Saturday this year, and we have a pool in the backyard we decided to throw our first shindig. It was a crazy night and I’m pretty sure lots of new friends were made.

On July 7th, 2009 (7-8-09!) we all welcomed Ruby Kristine into the world. It was so exciting to see my first close friend become a mother. Mary, Ruby and her husband Joe are moving to Georgia in November, so they will be very missed, but an easy weekend trip away!

The very next evening was the shot heard round the world, or at least Richmond. Liz and our friend Phil were walking home from Sticky Rice when a mugger approached them and ended up shooting Liz in the leg. I wish I would describe how insane and quickly those first few minutes went by when I found out. I was at Sticky Rice hosting Blingo and I got a text (he knew I wouldn’t be able to hear my phone) from Phil saying he was on his way to the hospital. I’m still very thankful Phil decided to come back and get me, and then let me drive him.

Just as much as I know Liz appreciates it, I also appreciate all of our friends and family who called/came/texted/everything. And the thankfulness I feel that Liz ended up being completely okay is something I don’t know how to express. I think the events of that night definitely show you that there is something looking out for all of us.

The rest of the month of July saw a couple weekend beach trips, many late night pool parties and some Wednesday night $5 bowling (Thanks Kulture!)

The beginning of August brought some of the hardest news for all of us. My friend Colin (known him since 2003/2004 dorm days!) was diagnosed with a stage four malignant brain tumor. Needless to say all of this information was shocking and hit everyone hard. How could something like this happen to our friend Colin? A 24 year old guy who likes to play video games and hang out with his girlfriend? Since all of this he’s started treatment and his brother Eric has moved to Richmond to help out with everything, they’ve set up a blog at for everyone to follow with video updates and such. Since the initial news Colin seems to have taken a very strong approach to all of this and hasn’t let his spirits get completely squashed. I’m so proud of him and Christine and will continue to pray for them. And play Catch Phrase. 😀

The day after all of this was Brittany and Craig’s birthday party at Hadad’s Lake. It was a fun day and I think it was good for everyone to go on with the normal things we would do. The month of August seemed like it went by really fast.

I went and visited my grandparents in Memphis for a week. It was really nice to go and spend time with them. I came back with a big box of old slides, and old (new to me) camera, and very happy that I got to spend time with my family that week. Brittany and I are talking about a road trip to Memphis in April during her spring break. Tennessee!

Best Friends Day was quite the day. I have so say I’m kinda proud of us for all the preparations we made this year. Raechel’s family came and really hooked it up for all of us. Margaritas at Best Friends Day who knew? I think all of us were a little scared about the weather situation that day, and it did absolutely rain like crazy on us, but in some ways it made it so much better. As much fun as this year was I kind of have to agree with everyone about how it’s becoming something less for Richmonders and more for all the out of town people. I will continue to go though as long as my friends are going and we get a pavillion/pagoda/tent/gazebo like we did this year!

The very next day after BFD, we hit the road. Liz, Christine, Brittany and I all jumped into the Ellie and headed for Philadelphia. Being in a car with those 3 girls was a little out of control and I can’t tell you how many “isms” have come from those 3 days. After a day in Philadelphia we headed up to New York. As much fun as we all had I think we all agree to not go out of town like that directly after an event like Best Friends Day.

I’d have to say the real closer to this summer was Diana’s birthday party at her family’s bay house in Deltaville, VA. A bunch of us headed out there to hang out and relax. It was a beautiful old house and sleeping on a porch was pretty funny. We did some long exposure pictures and some people jumped off the dock in the middle of the night into the dark abyss and just had an all around good time with friends.

Ok the rest of 2009, let’s see what you have to offer.


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