Playground love

What a weekend. Just like I knew it would be. I went up to Hunter’s parents in Fredericksburg Wednesday night and early the next morning they drove Hunter and I up to DC to catch the Bolt Bus. It was very nice of them to do that for us and I highly recommend the Bolt Bus to anyone. It was clean and roomy and our bus driver was hilarious!

We got into NYC around 1pm and went to the open call at American Apparel for Hunter to try and get a job. I don’t think the open call was exactly what she was expecting but at least she was able to get her resume in the company. After that we went and met up with Daniel and he let us go ahead and take his keys to get into his apartment so we could chill for a bit before going out. We ended up going to the Bushwick County Club for awhile, did a photobooth picture and then headed into the city.

The night was a little crazy, we ended up with margaritas to go from some place in Brooklyn and put them in the freezer for the next day.

We all slept in the next morning, before we went out we drank our margaritas after some serious adjusting to the flavor, a little tea a little lemonade good to go! Did a little thrifting where Hunter and I both ended up with awesome boots. The boots I bought need to have the heel replaced but other than that in awesome condition!

Our plan was to head to the High Line Park after that we never made it because we had to head to the Phoenix show uptown in Central Park! We got to the show right around 6pm and when the doors opened we were able to snag a spot really close to the stage. We each bought one $6 beverage and chilled out of ran hour before the show. The two girls in front of us were the shortest girls I’ve seen in awhile, Hunter and I both agreed that we did good and not to let them get away from in front of us. Passion Pit came on at 7pm and man are those dudes adorable. You could tell that they were really excited about this show and how big it was for a fairly new band. They played the songs that I half knew and pretty much just got the crowd excited.

When Phoenix came on everyone was so excited, I kept wondering if it was going to be the same setlist from the June shows. They started with “Lisztomania,” same as the previous shows so I wasn’t sure. It didn’t end up being the same because not only did they play “Fences” they also played a “Playground Love” cover of Air during the encore. I was jumping up and down super excited about it and I think I got some looks from people around me but who cars. It was perfect. Thomas Mars was also wearing a different colored collared shirt! At all three shows in June he was wearing the same light blue colored shirt, this one was dark blue. 😀

The last song of the encore was “1901” and boy did we plant ourselves in our spot perfectly because Thomas Mars came out into the crowd like he did during the previous shows. I didn’t think it would happen at this show because there was a barrier between the crowd and the stage but he hopped right over it and came right into the area we were. DEF got to sing a bit of “1901” while grabbing at his arm as he made his way further behind us. He got up on someone’s shoulders (a security guard?) and during that time there was a red cord up against me, I thought it was someone’s bag or something until I realized it was the MICROPHONE CORD! After the whole singing in the crowd thing didn’t really work out he was making his way back towards the stage. Hunter managed to snap an amazing photo of him almost caught up in the cord and I loved how excited she was at that moment as I was.

The show was awesome and it was so much fun to see them in the city like that. I’ve never loved a band as much as I love them and I honestly hope to see them again in the future. Although for now it’s probably enough.

After the show we made our way back to Daniel’s apartment where we finally ended up going to get pizza in Brooklyn, a gay bar in the East Village where my friend Kathryn was and finally the Beauty Bar on 14th Street. We had to catch the bus early the next morning and definitely did some sleeping on it.

Pretty much as soon as I made it back to Richmond I headed out to Travis and Carley’s wedding in the West End. Even though it ended up being a rainy night (that’s good luck right?) it was a very heartfelt ceremony and everything looked great. Carley’s dress and hairpiece was perfectly her as was just about every other aspect of the wedding.

via Dash

I wish all the luck to Travis and Carley in the future they seem so happy together and man do I hope to find something like that. 😀

On Sunday Brittany, Hunter, Kelsey and I traveled down 64 East to spend an afternoon in Colonial Williamsburg. An afternoon of colonial gentlemen, colonial hats, Ye Olde Cheese Shoppes, heckling William and Mary boys, and $2 dollar wheat beers is always a great way to end an awesome weekend.


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