Long winded

I’m a bad blog owner. I accept this and want to better myself.

But this past month has been pretty great so that’s my excuse.

This will probably be a long post so be prepared.

Let’s go back a couple weekends ago to Saturday, October 24th. The Maryland Renaissance (btw without spell check I could never spell this word) Faire in Annapolis. Brittany had brought up the idea weeks prior for all us to go one evening over #tacos. Later that same evening she tweeted about going to the #RENNFAIRE09 and @stupidbillchubb replied with:

A great response. And of course she was serious.

Fast forward to the weekend of the #RENNFAIRE09 (our Twitter hashtag of course) and the people that were definitely in our trip were, Brittany, Bill, Diana, Ian, and myself. We even rented a car for the trip! 2010 Dodge Charger so lovingly nicknamed our “noble steed.”

Besides Brittany I don’t think any of us really expected the high quality of this festival. All day there was a threat of rain, so it was a pretty overcast cloudy day. I’m still very glad I put on some boots. After going through the front gate on “our way to merriment” Ian actually had to sit down for a second. Yes it was that overwhelming. It was like going to a miniature theme park. Actual structures were built over acres and acres of land for this festival that apparently has been going on for 30+ years.

We wandered in and out shops for awhile, gawked at the actual amount of people in full Renn wear (and other assorted costuming) and of course started off with a glass of mead, which the bees seemed to really want and wouldn’t stop following us until it was gone.

Some of the highlights:

Ian and Diana on an elephant

Brittany and I in the stocks

Turkey Legs

The Joust

It poured rain so we upped the level of mead slinging

In short the day was amazing and I pretty much can’t wait until next year. The plan is definitely to dress up, but I will not be a wench, #boobfaire10 isn’t something I’m real interested in participating in.

A week later Halloween happened. I didn’t think about this before but October has been a lot of costumes.

The Friday night before Halloween we all went to Michael-Birch and Nicole’s costume party. It was pretty awesome when Eric told our friend Colin about his surprise trip to Hawaii. They left yesterday and they are touring the LOST television show set on Friday. Apparently signing confidentiality contracts are part of the deal for the tour, which sounds pretty exciting to me!

Saturday, the 31st (not the 26th or 27th), was a pretty crazy/fun/awesome filled day. Hunter was in Richmond, she so graciously made the dress for my costume for me. Since both of us were done with putting together costumes our only goal for the day was to make jello shooters for the party that night. Let me just tell you how hard it is to find those little ramekin cups. I ended up having to ask Sticky Rice for a sleeve which they awesomely let me have. 61 jello shooters later we were ready to party.

Everyone did such a great job with their costumes this year. Lots of DIY, but I guess it’s not too surprising coming from all of the creative friends I have. Some highlights from Dave and Kristin’s Halloween party:

Ian as Retired Captain America, Hunter as Patti Mayonnaise and Bill as Ian.

Chris and Trey as Wayne and Garth

Liz as Hannah Montana and Matt as Nick Jonas

Sam as Max Fischer “Rushmore” one of my favorites that night

My cute little roommate Kate as a peacock

EC as Smurfette and Michael-Birch as Cookie Monster

Becki as Magda “Something About Mary”

I as the Morton Salt Girl and Diana as the Twitter Fail Whale

Brittany as the most authentic Flapper of 2009

and of course Phil as “Robot E. Lee”

The jello shooters lasted not long at all, the bars stayed open an extra hour (time change) although we never made it to one because we had an impromptu 9 person dance party upstairs until 4am? 5am? Which then turned into an awesome sleepover with a grand slideshow in the morning of the previous night’s photo reel.

Epic group photo y’all.

As Hunter pointed out it looks like we just got back from a great parachute jump day.

RT I love my friends.

Random assorted things:
Steampunk home decorating

I want to do this in my front hallway

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