Foursquare in space

I ended this week in 2nd place of all of Richmond. Yes I’m talking about Foursquare, the newest and silliest internet game yet. If you are unfamiliar this is how it works. You set up a profile and “check in” to places that you go IRL (in real life). It tells you how many points you get for checking in and who else is at the same place you are. If you go to a particular place multiple times you become the “mayor” and get to do absolutely nothing with that title. Except if you are the mayor of the new coffee shop at Meadow and Park, Garnett’s, there you can get a free coffee. It sounds super silly and kind of pointless, and well it is. But it’s fun and if your friends are playing it’s a fun little competition, to basically see who goes out more.

The reason I was able to score so many points this week is because of all of the new locations I checked into. You get bonus points for a new spot. This is probably my only week of Foursquare queendom. And the only time I will ever blog about this.

Random assorted things:
The Beatles Never Broke Up Some guy’s story of his trip to a parallel universe where he brought back a recording The Beatles never made in our universe.

Bubble Wrap Calendar? Awesome.

Apollo 8 Mission pictures Posted these awhile ago, Brittany found these old awesome NASA photos. We did some research and found out who these dudes were, the first mission to circle the moon.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix I bought the record on vinyl this weekend, now I just need a record player.


3 thoughts on “Foursquare in space

  1. I am commenting here because facebook doesn’t let me read messages at work.

    The first and most important question…

    Do you already have a stereo? If not, you will need a usb turntable to plug into your computer. The cool thing is that you can rip the tracks from vinyl and turn them into mp3.

    It is really easy to find a record player in the price range you requested. Since vinyl is cool again, they are pretty easy to come by and all sound pretty decent. Even Target carries them.

    Here are a few examples:

    I can prob come over this week and help you figure out the best option.

  2. I have a stereo, it a little one. But I also have computer speakers that are pretty decent. I guess I just want the option to either play it through a stereo or through my computer. Both of those links look pretty good. The whole rip to mp3 thing I didn’t think initially I really cared about, but the more I think about it the more I like that idea. Considering all the old records I know my mom has and stuff.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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