I didn’t think I could find another song this year that got me as excited as I was about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “Home,” but this one did the trick. That blue polka dot dress is the best.


6 thoughts on “#musicmonday

  1. @kmsYES OMGZZZZ I love it! Let’s start a band. I have all of the instruments we need. Except the translucent blue drum kit…

    • @Di_anaMathews @kmsYES The song is truly adorable. If I join the band, can I be one of those creepy 1970’s pedophile looking dudes?

  2. @kmsYES @Di_anaMathews Yeahhh Im going to say its time to start a band but I can only wear cute dresses and play the tamborine. Can’t sing.

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