RT I love my friends

Sunday night was Colin’s Terminate the Tumor benefit event and it went really well. There were a lot of reunions of old friendships, parents, old bosses, a lot of memories from the past six years. It was nice to see Richmond really come and support the great guy that Colin is. If you want to help anymore with donations or whatever you feel you want to do, please go here, to www.terminatethetumor.com. There is also a daily dose of what is going on with treatments, Colin’s life etc etc.

Colin and Christine. I sincerely love these two.

Last night was the big Leonid Meteor shower. Well it was pretty cloudy, so we waited around a lot. But that just made a great excuse to do some lightwriting with our cameras. Always a grand time.

This is the only decent one I got.

by Nick

by Nick

After the clouds started to clear and it started to get colder we all got under blankets and Nick pointed his camera to the sky. I saw two or three meteors, including one of the really fast colorful ones. I loved how after seeing one I would get full body chills from it.

by Nick

by Nick

by Nick Do you see the globular cluster?

What an awesome night.

by Nick


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