I hate it when the internet is cute

When I originally started a blog over a year ago I was using Tumblr. Looking back I think I was at the beginning of that bandwagon, but I got frustrated with it and moved onto Blogger. I think most of the reason I moved it was because the computer at work is kind of old and slow. Regardless I’m here on WordPress now and staying. But anyways internet celebrity Phil told me tonight to go and look at Tumblr’s member homepage. I still have the account so I went and checked it out. This is what was there.

Not really sure who Justin is and why his proposal video is on every Tumblr members homepage, but it’s totes the cutest thing on the internet right now.

Marissa, will you marry me? from justin on Vimeo.

You might get a bit teary eyed.

Random assorted things:
• Cute Method ad from Phil‘s blog

• Hey girls and BOYS of Richmond, Forever XXI will be opening that huge store at Regency Mall December 19th! Get ready for madness!

• Would anyone be down for Christmas Town at Busch Gardens this year?

• Just some awesome photography from Sandra Freij, really liking that first image.

• This girl makes beards for everyone! Totes adorable!


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