So last night was the big first night of the newest Twilight Saga film “New Moon.” Liz bought tickets awhile ago (a couple months?) for us to attend the midnight showing of this movie. We left for the theater, which is less than 5 minutes away, at 10:30. I thought this was most likely too early to leave and we would be sitting around waiting for awhile. Upon arriving I find this crowd already queueing up to get their seats.

Yes mostly female, but there were a couple of dudes, plus what looks like a dad in there!

The only reason I brought my camera was because I was hoping to find lots of giggly girls dressed up as their favorite vampire, or werewolf, or at least I few more “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” shirts than what I actually saw. It was mostly North Face fleeces and Ugg boots, which made me realize that far more sorority girls were into to this than I had ever imagined.

Kudos for handmade and being BFF despite obvious differences.

The people that put the most effort into dressing up were of course my friends. Liz, Hunter and Mo snapped their fangs in and mixed up some fake blood. (Karo syrup and food coloring works great!) There were two girls there filming for some VCU project and of course Liz, Hunter and Mo were interviewed. 24 year old Twi-hards are far more common than people think, we need to let the world know.

We had a group of 8 and our early arrival secured us all seats together. We tried to get a chant of “NEW MOON” going before the movie started, but this theater was either full of very serious Twi-hards or boring people. The previews before the movie consisted of a new Robert Pattinson movie, a Nicholas Sparks novel, and a couple romcoms. Obviously they are doing some planning.

The movie itself I found very sad, but the book is also sad so it makes sense. Despite it being very much a second movie in an obvious series, the overall ascetic was much better. The acting was more polished and little Jacob Black isn’t so little anymore. The “Team Jacob” fans were very vocal about that fact during the movie. I was very pleased with the use of the soundtrack in the movie, there are some really good songs on it. The Bon Iver and St. Vincent song is incredible. I suggest checking it out even if you aren’t a Twi-hard.

Overall we had a good time and I’ll probably take my little sister to see it over Thanksgiving, you know if she really wants to go.

June 30th, 2010 we’re ready!


2 thoughts on “#newmoon

  1. Try being a 28-year-old twi-hard. Yeah, it’s frowned upon. But only by haters and losers. I was sitting between Dan and a bunch of 45-year-old twi-hards. One lady had some friend say hi to her from a couple of rows back, and the friend was like “Oh I’m here with my daughter!” and the lady beside me was like “I have no excuse! I’m just here for myself! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” How. Awesome. Is. That.

    P.S. TEAM JACOB 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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