The other day I finally hit Explore on Flickr! After 15,000+ photos it finally happened!

Now for those that don’t know Flickr’s Explore is a feature on the site where everyday 500 photos are selected based on their secret algorithm for “interestingness.” It has something to do with views, comments, time of day when you upload, other things like that.

I ranked at #104 on November 17th, 2009.

I know no one probably cares but me, but I’ve always wanted to get a photo on Explore, mostly just to see what happened.

Last Sunday Brittany and I continued our Sunday history lessons after a little break. We went to Agecroft Hall in Windsor Oaks, on the banks of the James River. It’s an English manor home from the 15th century that was brought over piece by piece in 1925.

Since the house is very “renaissance” we were pretty excited. After paying $7 dollars each (with a AAA discount!) we were told the next tour was at 3:30. It was 3:20 at the time and no one was there. Oh well schedules are schedules I suppose. Since we were the only ones taking the tour we ended up taking almost an hour and half tour of the house. We saw a mummified cat (something to do with good luck), a bed from the 1600’s, a 1940’s library and what would be very pretty gardens in the springtime. Pretty much we are nerds.

They are having a Christmas open house December 13th, so anyone looking to get into some Christmas fun let me know!

Anyways Happy Thanksgiving everbody!


5 thoughts on “explore

  1. I am in a weird pose in this photo but am in fact bending down to get the attention of the Agecroft cat….

    The 1940s library…. only in my dreams did I imagine Christmas and the 40s together… NERD EXCITEMENT!!! weeee

  2. That is AWESOME that you ended up on Explore! Congrats. And that photo definitely deserved it.

    And you know I love the Sunday history lessons…Agecroft rules, and being a tourist in your own town is the BEST. 🙂

  3. Brit – yes you were talking to the live cat.

    Tess – Thanks! I was definitely excited! You are more than welcome to come with us to the Christmas open house! Dec. 13th 12:30-5! And free!

  4. Isn’t that the neighborhood where your mom had a meltdown (something creepy involving ghosts) and wouldn’t travel down the road you were on any more?
    Remind me of the details – I think you were there. Did you feel anything this time?
    p.s. when you go to the open house with your nerd-pals (and if I were in town I would be begging to go along!), drink a toast to your uncle and me – Friday the 13th, 1991 – 18 years. Wow – are we old or what?

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