Space Oddity

This weekend really felt more like a weekend in the holiday season. Friday night the original plan was to go to the Grand Illumination but that started way too early for us to ever really think about making it. We all went over to Hunter and Mo’s new apartment and ate pizza, did Sauce Secret Santa name exchanges (mine is tough) and made our way to a dance party at Cous Cous. Shocking I know.

After the dance party everyone got bewbewbewburritos at Little Mex and Brittany and I slept over at 319. Which was completely planned (sleepover!) because Saturday morning was the Richmond Christmas Parade down Broad Street. We opened their big windows and huddled together with mimosas and pancakes to wave and yell as the parade went by. Darth Vader waved up at us so we did something right.

After the parade ended we all huddled up on their couches to watch the season premiere of MTV’s newest gem “Jersey Shore.” Two hours of hilarity ensued as we all stared and laughed in disbelief at these “guidos” and “guidettes.” I was unaware these people were so self aware as to what they are.

Pretty sure we watched this clip 20 million times.

Sunday at brunch Nick and I decided we wanted to do a photoshoot that evening. I got in touch with Hunter, found a green wig and some sprinkles and we were in business.

Nick has lots of fun toys, including 3 SB-900 speedlights that we could all hook up together with the 1 that I have. We could have lit up a city block!

Oh yeah we used a fan!

All of these I used Nick’s 50mm 1.4, amazing lens definitely need to get one. We had a great time and make sure you check out Nick’s blog for some of his photos too! I’ll probably post more of mine in another post.

Random assorted things:
• Really feeling this guy’s work, especially the Marie Antoinette inspired set. Photographer Jimmy Backius.

• Album cover art.

• Signed up for this pretty cool flash based site that puts all of your internet “things” in one space. Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc. My Flavors!

• Can I add this to my Christmas list?

• Lots of fun fashion shots, and hot girls (for the guys.) J’taime Wildfox.

• Also did you notice? It’s snowing on my blog!


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