52 Weeks

A couple years ago I started a project on Flickr called 365 Days. The challenge was to take a photo of yourself every day for a year. I did pretty good and got to around 200 or so and gave up. I thought about starting it up again this year on January 1st and missed that entirely. So I decided to do the 52 Weeks project. A photo of yourself every week for a year. I think this one will more manageable and I’ll be able to get more creative with it. I plan on posting the photo in the Flickr group as well as here.

Any ideas you have for shots please leave them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “52 Weeks

  1. I love this idea! I want to see you in Hollywood Cemetery, in a lawn chair, on a rollercoaster, and on a picnic blanket (maybe mine?). Those are my ideas.

  2. what was it brandon said about princess leia in slave gear costume? i’ll agree with that if and only if you’re doing a beer bong.

  3. Tess: I think you should start it too! You have until the end of this week to get the beginning of 2010!

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