The year is 2010.

Hi blog!

Christmas/Birthday/New Year’s 2009 went by quickly and was pretty great. First things first, with a huge thanks to my amazing grandparents I got the Nikon D90 for Christmas. The ante has been upped. Mostly because everything just works better with it. My flashes work better with it and in better ways, my remote works a lot better, it can do HD video, and is just all in all better and faster.

My parents hooked it up with a pillow top mattress thingie and I pretty much have an even harder time leaving my bed in the morning than before. They also replaced my Chi hair straightener, and got me a turntable for my birthday! I hit up Plan 9 and the thrift store the other day and am well on my way to a bad record collection! Yay!

I babysat a friend of a friend’s kitten for a couple days over break. Her name is Gracie and she is 5 months old. She has a disorder called Wobbly Kitten and it basically means her balance is off. She would be walking along and suddenly her back legs would just kind of give out on her. It was so cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

Parkberry hosted Liz’s birthday brunch where we went through 13 bottles of champagne. And New Year’s Eve was spent in a basement with more champagne, my best friends and everyone looking fabulous. Thanks to Anne and David for hosting that mess of a party. I’m betting that will be the one and only New Year’s Eve party for you guys, and I can’t say I blame you.

The rest of the neverending weekend (New Year’s Day was Friday…) afterwards was fairly uneventful, I think everyone was pooped from the holiday whirlwind.

I thought about doing a 2009 blog recap, but not only am I lazy but I have photos documenting most of the last year. As well as a Twitter stream with lots of stuff that I’m sure makes no sense now.

2010 let’s see what you got.


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