The Masquerade Ball

This past weekend was the big birthday Masquerade ball at Cous Cous. It was so amazing. For one Cous Cous really went above and beyond, giving us free champagne, letting Robot E. Lee DJ for us, letting us play a movie we wanted, generally just being awesome for us. I really do appreciate this and mostly just solidified my love for that place. All of our friends came out and everyone really got into the whole mask thing. By the day of the party Premiere Costumes in Carytown was familiar with the “birthday party” and we’re asking people coming in if that’s what they were there for. Phil Bowne was also there and captured the night in images, making me wonder if we traveled to a distant romantical land.

For the full set go here. (You will need a Facebook account, I’ll see if Phil can post them somewhere else as well.)

Thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us, I can’t express how much I love you guys.


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