So, who here has played the party/board game Quelf?

We decided to break this game out on Tuesday for our traditional taco night. After a few beers and a belly full of tacos, this game took on a life of its own. The goal of the game? To make you do as many ridiculous and embarrassing things as humanly possible.


– Bill and I have been instructed to make sculptures of a cobra snake out of pieces of paper – to be judged by the game players. I lost and was called an “ad man”.

– Dave (in the white button-up) has been instructed that he’s not allowed to stop laughing until his next turn, which took a solid 15 minutes.

– Karen has been instructed that she must keep her left hand submerged in a bowl of water until her next turn which also took about 15 minutes.

– Bill has been instructed to insert the word “bleeping” randomly into his sentences.

This is definitely the weirdest game I have ever played.


I agree with Phil, it’s weird but oh so fun. If you would like to see more videos, including one of Ian and Bill playing patty cake and the “wine down” incident please go here. Also anyone up for game night?


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