Oh hi blog

I could apologize for not blogging but I’m not.

This past weekend started Friday night with a midnight screening of “The Room.” This movie was made in 2003 but it wasn’t until the last couple weeks I had ever heard of it. It is the worst movie I have ever seen and the most fun I’ve had a movie in a long time. Watching the trailer for this movie does not do any justice for it, but physically going to see it with your friends is what makes it. The moment I knew it was great was when everyone in the theater starting yelling “SPOON!” (because there were framed pictures of spoons in the scene) and throwing plastic spoons all around the theater. Along with guys in suits running around with a football and audience members participating in quoting/mocking/general mayhem the entire hour and a half.

Also “Oh hi Mark” has not stopped being repeated on a constant basis. The best was when I came home to find Liz and some friends playing a game in the living room, I said “oh hi Mark” to the group only to find someone was actually named Mark. I’m sure he thought I was crazy.

Saturday was a snow day. Breakfast, games with friends, laying around, making butternut squash soup, having dark and snowys at the bar, having a snowball fight in the bar, Becki flinging herself into snow drifts on the walk back to 319. Sunday was followed with a delicious Comfort brunch followed by hours spent watching movies/LOST on the couches of 319. In my 7 years in Richmond I’ve never seen so much snow in one year, and there’s talk of more for this weekend! I feel like I should talk more about the snow but all it’s done is create problems of transportation, clogging up the grocery stores and bring cold. Frankly I’m over it.

I never posted my 52 weeks for last week, so here it is. A few days after this was taking we get a foot of snow on the ground. Things I’ll never understand.


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