inching closer to springtime…

Finally got some nice, not quite springtime, but getting warmer type of weather this weekend. In fact I didn’t put my winter coat on once this weekend.

Saturday night there was a Jersey Shore party at Cous Cous. It was a birthday party, but mostly a reason for all the boys to put earrings back in those earlobes from when they were pierced long ago and the girls to show lots of cleavage. Oh and for everyone to get a nice fake tan in February.

As I was editing the photos last night I kept thinking I must have had some sort of vivid coloring filter set on my camera, then I realized no everyone was just really orange. I was impressed with the level of outfits and I am now the proud owner of a pair of white platform flip flops which are safely in the back of my closet.

One of the cast members from the actual show happened to be in Richmond that night at some event down the street. Despite all of our tweets directed towards him he never showed. We had fun with our house music, Jager bombs, and orange skin without him!

Sunday afternoon was a pretty epic brunch at Helen’s. Although dinner_crue is quickly outgrowing most Richmond restaurants.

(we miss you Ian!)

Brittany, Hunter and I ventured into Maymont after brunch and Hunter brought her crazy Marie Antoinette wig. I was able to get some pretty photos of the girls even with the strange looks from passerby.

If you haven’t downloaded the mix from last week do it! Kevin from U or R’s radio station left a comment saying he was going to play it. (is that legal? is what I did even legal?) How he found it and me I have no idea, but take that internet celebrity Phil!


3 thoughts on “inching closer to springtime…

  1. What you did is in fact not legal. For the most part. If all of the songs are legal downloads from record labels or band sites, then it is okay. It is pretty rare that you would hear from anyone asking you to take their song down.

    As for your radio D.J friend…totally legal. Radio stations work with record labels and promotion companies to play tracks such as those on your mix. They also pay fees to have the ability to play X or Z track.

    Are you longing for summer? Your mix makes me think so.

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