records/summer tuneage

There are so many records I want right now. I need a record fairy.

Wild Nothing – Chinatown from Jack Tatum on Vimeo.

If you are not listening to Wild Nothing you are missing out on the summer jams. It’s one guy from Blacksburg, VA and he’s doing amazing things. Check it out. I love when Virginia does something awesome.

Anytime that record fairy wants to visit I will welcome her with open arms.


One thought on “records/summer tuneage

  1. You would make a worthy addition to the staff of UofR’s WDCE90.1FM. Much of the music you seek is in their library. The summer is also the best time to become a volunteer.
    Contact Gen. Mang. Andrew Brown by Tues 6/15. (
    Herb King (
    Good luck
    FYI – I prefer the term Record Godmother

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