estate sale finds

I went to this once a month estate sale with Brittany and Bill yesterday that is over behind the baseball Diamond. It’s a lot of junk but there were a few treasures stuck in there as well. We also ran into our friend Kristin who found an awesome record player (that worked!) for $25!

I found a Kodak Brownie Starflash for $8. Hopefully I can find some film that will fit and get it to work. My dad always talks about his Brownie camera from when he was a kid.

I think that’s his Brownie (maybe a later version?) in this photo. So cute.

It came with a package of flashbulbs and 3 rolls of film. 2 of them are exposed but there’s one in the camera. I’m going to try and get them developed and see what happens!

I also found a double pack of Polaroid film that expired in July of 1986. Who knows what I’ll get out of that. It was $1 so not a big deal if nothing comes out.


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