i don't mind it

Brandon and I were shopping for Blingo prizes earlier and stopped by our dear friend (his girlfriend) Diana at Quirk Gallery. There’s a new record shop, Steady Sounds, that just opened across the street so Brandon and I went to check it out. Our friend Drew is one of the co-owners and was working today. He asked if we had heard this band called “Screaming Females,” neither of us (well maybe Brandon I don’t know) had and he put their newest record on. Immediately it sounded super catchy and I was interested. I usually like to check out some of the other tracks on records before I purchase anything. When I came home I was searching everywhere for an mp3 version of the record, could not find their new one anywhere. So I just went back up there and purchased it.

But while searching for their record I ran across some tour dates, and they just played in Richmond LAST MONTH. Ugh I need to pay more attention to local shows and not just assume everything is going to be metal or hardcore. Although I feel like I’ve heard of this band before but was probably turned off by the name. Shame on me. Lesson learned.

They are playing Charlottesville October 16th, so if we don’t end up doing the Renn Faire that day who wants to go?


5 thoughts on “i don't mind it

  1. Starr Hill Presents with WNRN 91.9 FM:
    Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
    Screamings Females
    Saturday, October 16, 2010 Doors at 8:00pm
    $13 in advance/$15 at the door

    Ted Leo always does a good performance and that’s great price for both bands. Also, UNC will play UVA in football that day. Go for the tailgating, stay for the music.
    K (WDCE)

  2. Fun fact!

    Marty-The other owner of Steady Sounds plays bass in Ted Leo’s band.

    You have to go see screaming females at least once. In almost 20 years of going to small shows, I have NEVER seen a female play a guitar like that.

  3. Kevin – yeah if I don’t go to the Maryland Renn Faire that day I’m definitely going to the show!

    Kenny – I heard that about Marty. Have you been in there yet? I can’t wait for them to get more racks.

    If I miss this show in October I’m sure I can catch them again….

  4. Yup. I went the day they opened and dropped by yesterday.

    Drew had unloaded a lot of personal 7 inches, so opening day was a playground for me.

    They are constantly on tour, so I don’t think it should be too tough to see them.

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