another try at 365

Back in 2007 I started the 365 day project. It was supposed to last a year but I ended up only doing it for about 7 months. It’s difficult to remember to take a photo of yourself every day. (my hair was so much shorter back then!)

I found an iPhone app the other day that’s called the 365 Project and you use your phone camera to take the photos. You can also set up the push notifications to remind you to take the photos everyday. I started the project yesterday, October 1st, and will try to post the calendar up here every week or so. This one isn’t going to be just pictures of me, but something in my life that day. I have a few other friends also doing the project.

My calendar.

My friend Phil’s calendar.

I also know that Lauren, Laura and Liz are doing it as well, please leave links to your calendars in the comments. Also Ian find a way to get your film online!

For anyone else interested in starting the project here’s a link to the app. But you can really start this project with any type of device you want!

Screen shot 2010-10-02 at 2.10.41 PM
Day 1, October 1 2010.


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