my guide to iPhone photography apps

I have 22 different camera apps on my phone. Yes this is a bit ridiculous I know but there are so many cool ones! Some of you guys have asked me about certain ones in the past so this is a little guide to my favorite ones.


Pretty much every iPhone user has this one or has heard of it. This was one of my first purchases and I of course downloaded all the other films and lenses. So remember the $1.99 price doesn’t get you the full version of the app. My only big problem with it is that you can’t import other photos into the app to use the filters on. Hopefully that’s something that can be fixed with an update at some point.

Also most people don’t realize that the Hipstamatic was a real plastic camera from the 1980’s. The developers of the app were initially inspired from the history of Hipstamatic. One of my favorite photo blogs, Photojojo, did a great guide to Hipstamatic awhile ago, check it out. The Hipstamatic developers also run a weekly/monthly/something contest, The Big Hipstamatic Show. I always forget to enter but there are some great photos to at least look at.

Cost: $1.99 plus a few extra bones if you want all the lenses, flashes and films.


This photo app allows you to make photo montages with photos from your camera and library. You can also change different effects like contrast, border size and color and brightness. This app lets you get creative if you want.

Cost: $1.99 (I got it when it was on sale for free dollars!)

Swanko Lab

The same developers of Hipstamatic created this app, basically a digital darkroom. It has a really nice, slick interface with lots of fun sound effects. Also when you are “developing” your photos you get to swish the photo around in a chemical tray. There are tons of combinations for your photos. Some pre-made formulas are also an option (for maybe an extra $1?) and you can save your formula if you find a combination you really like.

Cost: $1.99

Quad Camera

This is my main man Sam by the way.

This app allows you to take multiple photos at once. You can set it up to take groups of 4 or 8, put it on a timer and snap away. You can also turn your photos into an animated GIF and send them to the GIF Horse a website my friend Matthew runs. Who doesn’t love a good animated GIF?

Cost: $1.99


This app is amazingly simple. You can either take a photo or upload one in and it gives you a great result. This has become my favorite apps that I use for most things now. You can remove the borders and turns colors off and on as you want. If you download any of these on this post, GET THIS ONE!

Cost: $.99


A brand new app (within the month) that is totally free and totally fun. It’s a cross between Twitter and Tumblr where you share, like and comment on other users photos. You can use the in app camera and filter set or import your photo from your library. It’s definitely something I find myself checking out at least a couple times a day. I only wish there was a way to go back and view all the photos I’ve favorited. If you download find me, my username is kmsyes.

Cost: Free!

I have some other apps that I will post another day, this post took long enough to do! Please leave comments if you know of any other awesome photography apps I missed!


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