rva pin-ups

Holy crap. What a day yesterday was.

A few months ago my friend Kristin asked me if I would ever be interested in shooting pin-up style photography. I told her I had never tried but that I was hoping to get some studio strobes for Christmas and if she wanted to give it a whirl after that I would be totally down. The studio strobes happened and we went to work at setting a date and gathering models. My group of girlfriends is somewhat large and I really wanted to include everyone and it just kind of turned into a whole event. Our Facebook event page leading up to yesterday was hilarious reading through it. “Does anyone have a beach ball?” “Does anyone have a safari hat?” The creativity of everyone was so inspiring and made me love them just a little bit more, if that’s even possible.

Friday night Kristin and I ran around town gathering last minute supplies, ate some pizza, and pulled clothing and props from her immense collection of vintage things. She told me that she was concerned that with all those people that she might be stuck doing hair and make-up all day. I told not to worry too much because look at our friends for all these themed parties all the time, they go all out, and I believe they will do the same for this. Yeah that’s exactly what happened and everyone looked really fantastic.

We had the beach, baseball, records, clouds, bedrooms, teachers, housewives, you name it. The whole thing ended up lasting the entire day, which I knew from the beginning it would. Such a long, hectic day but so worth it. With all those girls and all the shots I was able to pull off I do believe I have an entire pin-up portfolio now! I can’t thank everyone enough for the creativeness and willingness to try this out.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, but hopefully in my own personal studio. 😀

Check out the first couple of edits…
Kate rocking her Loubatins.

First pin-up shoot!
This whole thing couldn’t have happened without her! Thank you!


5 thoughts on “rva pin-ups

  1. More photos please!!!!
    How’d you do the hanging clouds? Tossing them into frame? Photoshop? Magic?
    And yes, you must do a calendar – start it in some random month – don’t be held down by the conventions of the start of the new year of the start of the school year. Your calendar needs to be an event in and of itself – You set the start date, YOU pick the month – make it something folks look for!

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