film film film

So I decided my new year’s resolution was to shoot more film. I have a bunch of film cameras that I don’t use. I also have a bunch of film that hasn’t been developed. I think all of this really hit me when I missed the Kodachrome deadline for the film I had. I could have gotten the film submitted in time but I was lazy. And now I have to go through some sort of film restoration company if I ever want to see what those rolls of film have on them. One of them has a bunch of shots from NYC in September of 2009 on it. I could have something great and not even know it.

Last week I ordered some goodies from Photojojo including this little camera. I popped some shots of this weekend and am excited to see what this little camera can do.

I’ve checked out this Seagull medium format camera in the past but haven’t seen it as being available. I always forget to utilize eBay for some reason (which is funny because my dad is a major eBay guy) and I found one, for an excellent price, that I will be keeping my eye on in the next few days. As spring gets closer with it’s longer daylight hours and warm weather look for me out with my film cameras. And if I don’t have one with me you should yell at me!

Liz on my Holga winter of 2009!


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