So a few blog posts ago I talked about how I was looking at getting a twin lens reflex camera. I was looking at at a Chinese made Seagull on eBay at the time. Well I started doing some research and was soon finding that the best TLR’s were the Rolleiflexes. The Rolleiflex was completely out of a logical price range but the little brother of it, the Rolleicord, was seeming to be affordable after some eBay research. They are different, but for someone just getting into using TLR’s it seemed like a good camera to get my feet wet. It’s all about the photographer anyways!

I found a few postings but only one that stood out at me. This camera is the series from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s and has a beautiful brown leather case with it. It also has all the manuals and paperwork, the Rolleiflash, and an exposed roll of film I’m going to try and get developed. It looks to be in wonderful shape and barely used. I had my first real eBay auction and won it with 2 seconds to spare. 2 actual seconds. Thank goodness for multiple windows being open. I think I got a pretty good deal on it considering most other Rollei’s were going for two to three hundred more without any accessories.

The camera needs to be cleaned and I need to order some more 120 film but I’m pretty excited to start using it. I did go ahead and put my last roll of color film I had in there just to try it out. I’m sure they will look filthy when it comes back.


Yes you have to look down into the viewer to frame your shot! It’s weird though because everything is backwards. Twin lenses have exactly that, two lenses, one to frame your shot and the bottom one to actual shoot the photo.

Beautiful brown leather case that is in great condition! Barely any scratches! This thing must have sat in a closet for years…

I would love to shoot a series of photographs with this in the near future and get them printed large. Beauty of medium format!


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