sweet bonus

One of the items included in my Rollei setup from eBay from a few weeks ago was an exposed roll of film. The film wasn’t wound very tightly on the spool anymore so I wasn’t even sure if anything would come of it. I dropped it off at my local shop, Action Photo, and low and behold I got some exposures from it.






Was this the last time this camera was used? Because if it was this thing has been sitting in a closet or drawer for YEARS. It’s from the late 1950’s to begin with and this couldn’t have been very long after that. Anyone good at dating by clothing or cars? If you click on any of the images there’s a couple more to check out.

Such an awesome extra.


3 thoughts on “sweet bonus

  1. Your uncle John says that car is definitely a Chrysler model – he’s leaning towards a Plymouth, maybe of the 1968/69-ish variety. Look around on Google image search for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge sedans of that period.
    I concur with his dating of the photos – that building is late 60’s, early 70’s at the latest. And those children could have gone to school with me. Look at photos of me and your mom at that age and we’d blend right in. I say late 60’s.
    Can you zoom in on the name on the building? It’s likely to be a school and if you combined it with the location of your e-bay seller, you might be able to pinpoint it.
    John and I think it would be a cool art project to send these photos with a letter to the local newspaper (if you can determine the locale) and try get them help you to find and photographs all these kids again!
    Cool find!

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