los angeles

Last Friday (11.11.11 not good planning on my flying in an airplane part) I went out to Los Angeles, California to visit my friend Becki who moved there this summer. We both made the big moves this year and to totally different parts of the country. I got a super good JetBlue deal I couldn’t pass up and hey I never take vacations.

Friday we checked out Venice Beach, they live on the cusp of Venice and Santa Monica. Sang some karaoke at a place called the Gas Lite and totally devoured some In-N-Out Burger late night. Saturday Becki and I wandered around the Abbot Kinney area and saw some D-list celebrities all of whom I did not recognize. Bridget from “The Girls Next Door,” some dude from some Bravo show and Christina Aguilera’s ex husband working in a art gallery. Sure ok. Saturday night we headed over to the Echo Park area and saw the band Real Estate. Their new album is really really awesome. I was thinking about going to see them in New York too! (you should totally start playing this video now…)

Sunday morning Patrick and Becki made delicious breakfast sandwiches. Like they should open a food truck solely serving these sandwiches. Becki and I did some shopping at the Promenade in Santa Monica in hopes of finding something cute to wear Sunday night. We went to a comedy show at the Groundlings theater Sunday evening and had fancy mixologists cocktails at the Library Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt afterwards. For $15 a drink I have to say they were pretty good.

Monday our friend Laura who we used to work with at Urban Outfitters in Richmond came up from San Diego for the day. Becki, Laura and I walked around Rodeo Drive and shopped for many things we can’t afford. We drove up into the Hollywood Hills and found a great scenic view of the smoggy city. That night Patrick’s friend from Chicago was in town for an Oscar Mayer commercial shoot so the four of us went out for margaritas. MANY margaritas later Todd (Patrick’s friend) took a cab home and the three of stumbled home. My flight was scheduled for 7:15 the next morning. I woke up cold and looked at the clock and it was 6:40. Becki and Patrick were laying on top of their bed with the lights on. I actually made it to the airport by 7am but the girl at the JetBlue counter pretty much laughed at me and scheduled me for the 11am flight. It was quite a morning, haven’t done that one in a long time.

Glad to be back in NYC, but definitely will visit LA LA Land again!



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