2012! so futuristic!

I’m so excited about this year. Like I can’t even really explain it.

I’m in a new city, one of the best cities in the world. I have an awesome new job. The perks of this new job are showing up everyday. I have five weddings booked so far. Brooklyn, Boston, Puerto Rico and Richmond. I’m going to Las Vegas and Spain in the next two months. I mean the travel alone is already beyond what I’ve done in years.

All that being said I definitely have some things in mind I’d like to work on (professional and personal):

– get more creative with shooting styles
– perfect an editing style
– use more off camera lighting
– help others with their photography skills
– make the studio I’m working at one of the best in NYC
– get even more organized (and keep my room clean!)
– publication in print/online
– involve myself in NYC activities and events (so I can meet more people!)
– cook!
– make time for personal photography projects and actually get film developed

2012 I’m ready!


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