quirk visits new york city


Last Saturday two of my favorite ladies from my favorite gallery (QUIRK!) in Richmond came to New York for the Gift Show happening all week. They come twice a year but this was the first time I actually lived here while they were in town. The first night Katie and Diana stayed with me and it was interesting fitting a full size air mattress in my little Brooklyn bedroom. The rest of the time Katie stayed with my new friends Lawson and Byron in their beautiful upper West Side apartment!















Thanks ladies for the awesome week of hangouts, shopping, pedicures and amazing food! You’re welcome anytime!

I should probably say something about our awesome adventure we had Tuesday afternoon. I went to work and Jason and I were handing out our mini IHNY session cards in Times Square, I was approached by a girl in a blue and yellow jacket asking if I wanted to go to the David Letterman taping that afternoon. I told her I didn’t want to go wait in line for lottery tickets or whatever and she said that these were real-with-seats-tickets. So I called Diana and Katie (who were at the Gift Show, because they really did come to NY for work) and asked if they’d want to skip out and go to this. Of course they said yes. They met me at the Ed Sullivan theater where we found out Bill Murray would be the guest and they were celebrating David Letterman’s 30th show anniversary all week. We picked up the tickets and came back an hour later and were seating right in front of the band. The theater was bigger than I expected and the band is actually really good, they play between each segment. In the opening monologue Dave kept going on and on about how Brad Pitt has never been on the show and he had an envelope of cash for him if he came. The whole time I kept thinking what if Brad Pitt is here too! Didn’t show up, I’m guessing he was on the following day. Bill Murray was weird, as always, but awesome and funny and set a cupcake on fire. It turned out to be a really fun, very New York afternoon and I’m glad I got to experience it with Diana and Katie. They kept thanking me even though all I did was go to work!


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