sara + brad in richmond va, vmfa + carytown

Sara and Brad are getting married at the end of September. And what a crazy and exciting September it will be. We finally were able to get together for some engagement photos this weekend in Richmond, Virginia. I think I may have picked the hottest weekend to do this. It was 105 degrees here yesterday. 105!

My friend Ellen, who is going to help shoot their wedding, met me in the Sculpture Garden at the VMFA. She’s great and helped a ton! I still can’t get over how nice the renovations of that building are. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We met late afternoon to take advantage of the lovely light back there. After sweating it out for a little while we took refuge in Carytown at the New York Deli (SO many memories from there!) to catch up and get some beers. I hadn’t met Brad yet so it was nice to hang out with him and Sara and learn more about the wedding! After some serious cooling off we ventured out to do some nighttime Carytown shooting. We found some good spots and I even tried my hand at some “Rockin’ Rim” lights. I mean I set it up enough back in NYC right? It’s fun to come back and shoot here after having learned so much in the past year. It’s allowed me to look at shooting in Richmond with a whole new eye. Can’t wait for the wedding Sara and Brad!

001_vmfa engagement karen seifert richmond virginia

002_vmfa engagement richmond virginia karen seifert couple love

003_vmfa engagement couple love karen seifert

004_carytown richmond virginia engagement karen seifert

005_need supply carytown karen seifert engagement

006_karen seifert engagement richmond virginia carytown bicycles love


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