Campfire & Co. | the cutest design team in Richmond

A couple weeks ago I checked out my newest Twitter followers and one called Campfire & Co. ended up being the newest design endeavor from Christina and Lauren. Christina and I went to church together when were around 8 years old so it’s always been nice to run into her when I lived there and when visiting. Lauren is just an awesome lady all around. Well both are. Anyways I’ve been wanting to maybe look at getting some new branding I could use for all these photos I post on here. It’s just the smart thing to do on the internet today. I sent them a tweet and they immediately responded!

So last weekend while in Richmond we met up to go over some ideas they’ve had (it was oh so grown up) and I did some new photographs for them to use as well. Here’s just a few of what we took at Christina’s adorable Northside house (I’ve always wanted to visit) and at the Continental on Grove Avenue. They helped do the re-design of the Continental when it closed down last year.

I’m pretty excited to see what these girls come up with for me!

001_karen seifert campfire co richmond design

002_karen seifert design team campfire co

003_karen seifert plants richmond va

004_karen seifert cat richmond va

005_karen seifert design campfire and co richmond va

006_karen seifert cute feet richmond va

007_karen seifert continental westhampton richmond va beer

008_karen seifert continental richmond va


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