Ann Hamilton "the event of a thread" | New York City

For the last month in NYC there was an art exhibit that everyone seemed to be buzzing about. It was all over my Instagram feed and when I finally looked into I saw that it was closing this past weekend. So last Friday I met my aunt, cousin and new Australian friend Gemma at the Park Avenue Armory and we had a lovely time.

The project is by an installation artist named Ann Hamilton and the premise was simple. Hanging in the middle of this cavernous room was a huge piece of white silk that was connected to swings on either side of it. When the swings were in use the fabric moved up and down in a intricate pulley system. There were other elements to the installation but the swings alone were awesome. Swinging on them made you feel like a little kid. I’m not sure if it was because they were extra large swings or what but it was so much fun. You could also lay underneath the fabric moving up and down in the middle of the room and not only was it fun to watch it was also relaxing. Love this city.

010_the event of thread ann hamilton new york city karen seifert

001_karen seifert ann hamilton nyc

002_ann hamilton nyc manhattan art

004_karen seifert ann hamilton manhattan art

005_event of thread ann hamilton nyc

009_karen seifert nyc art exhibit manhattan

006_karen seifert ann hamilton

007_nyc karen seifert ann hamilton art exhibit armory

008_the armory thread swings nyc art

003_karen seifert ann hamilton nyc


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