Melissa + Chet | Piazza in The Village | Dallas, Texas

Howdy! I have to say that right? A couple of weeks ago Tim and I flew out to Dallas, Texas for our friend Chet’s wedding to Melissa at Piazza in The Village outside of metro Dallas.

When we left NYC it was a whopping 13 degrees and a lovely 73 in Dallas. The wedding didn’t end up being as warm but still nothing to complain about. Tim always says I never blog enough images from weddings so enjoy!

001_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride salon dallas wedding

002_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_piazza dallas wedding shoes

003_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_groomals wedding dallas texas

004_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride dallas piazza texas

005_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride wedding dress dallas texas

006_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_piazza dallas texas wedding bride

007_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride texas wedding formals

008_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride groom first look dallas texas piazza

009_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_piazza in the village wedding

010_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bridesmaids construction wedding site

011_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_parking garage portraits texas

012_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_groomsmen dallas texas wedding suits

014_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride crying wedding dallas moment

015_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride groom portrait texas sky

016_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_ceremony wedding piazza in the village

017_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_first bump wedding ceremony

018_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_ring exchange wedding dallas texas

020_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_hand holding bride groom

013_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_portraits ceremony first kiss piazza in the village

021_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_bride groom fist in the air

022_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_piazza in the village chandelier

023_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_first dance wedding kissing bride groom

024_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_creative wedding photography dallas texas

025_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_wedding cake toasts

026_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_band wedding music beatles cover songs

027_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_dancing wedding

029_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_dallas texas wedding

028_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_little kids dancing band covers beatles beach boys

030_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_dallas texas piazza in the village

031_Karen Seifert Tim Beckford_exit piazza in the village dallas texas bride groom


2 thoughts on “Melissa + Chet | Piazza in The Village | Dallas, Texas

  1. Love the collection from this wedding!
    2 questions:
    1) How did you get the ceiling perspective shot of the ballroom?
    2) What was the cross in that church made of?
    Love you,
    Aunt Cat

  2. 1. There were little cutouts in their second floor office that looked out onto the room. Kinda cool.

    2. I have no idea? Wood?

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