Saarah + Pep | a sweet downtown Manhattan wedding

Saarah and Pep were married this past weekend in downtown Manhattan at a great little space called the Alwan Center for the Arts. I met Saarah and Pep through my friend TimCo, and technically this is his wedding (Saarah and Tim went to high school together!) but since his blog is under construction right now I asked if I could share them on mine. So please click on his name up there and check out Tim’s amazing work!

Saarah and Pep’s wedding was filled with lots of emotional moments, which always leave me with some tears as well. The moment Tim captured below of Saarah and her grandmother really tells that story. After the lovely afternoon ceremony Saarah, Pep, Tim and I headed out into the Financial District of downtown Manhattan for some photos. We then hopped on the 6 train and did lots of fun subway photos along the way. For the reception we met everyone at Alison Eighteen on 18th Street for a delicious dinner, imported rum and dancing! Also Saarah’s mom made her bouquet from fake flowers… I’m so impressed by them! They look so real!

001_tim beckford tim co new york city wedding 002_tim beckford new york city wedding shoes 003_karen seifert tim beckford bride groom 005_tim beckford wedding ceremony manhattan 004_tim beckford bride 007_karen seifert  ceremony crying wedding 006_tim beckford ring exchange 008_tim beckford grandma emotional wedding 010_karen seifert wedding bowling green nyc 009_tim beckford downtown portrait 011_karen seifert subway bride groom 016_tim beckford bride groom nyc 012_karen seifert 6 train bride 013_tim beckford subway 015_karen seifert 6th avenue wedding 014_tim beckford subway wedding nyc 017_tim beckford toasts 018_karen seifert groom dance 019_karen seifert wedding dancing nyc 020_karen seifert badass bride groom manhattan nyc

For more information on weddings and engagement photography please visit and remember to go check out Tim’s website too!


One thought on “Saarah + Pep | a sweet downtown Manhattan wedding

  1. Karen you are amazing! I can’t thank you enough for your awesome energy through out the wedding. I remember your very chill attitude in the midst of all the goings on. I will never forget what you and Tim did for us not just in capturing this day with such creativity and care but in going the extra mile with last minute preparations and the Ustream link. I feel bad for folks who can’t have you as their wedding photographer because your work is superb!

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