afternoon light in New York City

In today’s current photography industry it’s impossible to not run across something that Sue Bryce has her hand in. She’s a pretty inspirational lady. Currently she’s giving away her entire business plan/style/whatever you want to call this stuff on creativeLIVE (still haven’t seen the one Jason and I did!), another path of education and information that’s hard to bypass these days. Finally I saw one the other day that pushed me to reach out for someone to photograph.

I know how lucky I am to have access to the studio in Chelsea and I don’t use it NEARLY enough. I called on Daniel (the boy who knows everyone) to see if he or someone he knows could model for an hour during lovely afternoon light. Meet Amanda, who did a great job despite my serious lack of posing knowledge. Posing is hard enough with two people, but hey practice makes perfect right? I don’t usually “play” with my wedding editing style, so if you spot differences on these below that’s why. Playtime!

01_chelsea nyc karen seifert 02_karen seifert chelsea manhattan portraits 03_karen seifert portraits nyc 04_karen seifert new york city portraits


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