Ruby, Mary + Joe | the cutest family portraits in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This weekend my favorite family of three came to visit all the way from North Carolina! Mary and I have been friends for a very long time, going back to Starbucks days in Richmond! I met Ruby when she was about 6 hours old way back in 2009. She’s grown into the smartest, funniest and sassy almost 4 year old I’ve met. She also calls me “Nanny K” which just makes me so incredibly happy. It’s a nickname that Mary (and Becki) used to call me when I nannied in Richmond, it’s funny because the kids I nannied for never called me that. This was Ruby’s first visit to New York City and we did so much fun stuff! From the “Big Piano” at FAO Schwartz, to the East River Ferry and Jane’s Carousel. My favorite was that Ruby was convinced we were not in New York City until we arrived at Central Park, I think she may be onto something. I also learned that Ruby can put away some donuts like no other kid I’ve met. Can’t wait to see Ruby, Mary and Joe again!

001_karen seifert nyc greenpoint family portraits

002a_karen seifert nyc brooklyn family portraits.jpg

003_karen seifert nyc manhattan familly

004_karen seifert nyc family portraits

005_karen seifert nyc manhattan skyline couple

006_karen seifert nyc family new york city portraits brooklyn greenpoint


2 thoughts on “Ruby, Mary + Joe | the cutest family portraits in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

  1. Nanny “K”, your pictures truly captured them as a family. They all look so happy! Thanks Debbie & Paul Gibbons. ( we need to get together and play a game of ” May I ” )

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