Jackie + Eliot | Best Friends… However

I met Jackie a loooonng time ago when we both worked at Urban Outfitters in Richmond. She didn’t work there for very long and we’ve sorta kinda kept in contact since. I’ve definitely seen her more in Brooklyn than I did in Richmond. Anyways Jackie and her best friend Eliot are getting ready to launch what I’m sure will be a very hilarious series of podcasts surrounding their best friendness and their “however” moments of life. It was interesting going out and shooting two good friends mostly because I want to pose them as a couple… but that’s not the case here. So we took advantage of the characters that we found wandering around Prospect Park on a nice sunny spring Sunday in Brooklyn. It works and totally fits them.

If you want to get a sneak peek of some of their hilariousness you can follow Jackie here and Eliot here. I’ll be sure to share the podcasts when it goes live!

001_karen seifert eliot glazer jackie mancini prospect park

002_karen seifert nyc comedians podcast

003_karen seifert prospect park comedians nyc new york city brooklyn

004_karen seifert comedians portraits nyc

005_karen seifert comedians portraits new york city brooklyn

006_karen seifert prospect park nyc podcast best friends portrait


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