Black Taxi | New York City Band Photography

My roommate Talia is in music PR and just started her own agency a couple months ago called the Brixton Agency. Sometimes she needs her band photographed and I always tell her I’m up for it! Today we were able to photograph the band Black Taxi for their upcoming releases and I think we got some really great stuff! I know that these guys weren’t super excited about doing more promotional photos but I think they ended up having a great time!

003_karen seifert_black taxi_band portraits manhattan 002_karen seifert_black taxi_band portraits 001_karen seifert_black taxi_band photography new york city 006_karen seifert_black taxi_band photography 004_karen seifert_black taxi_studio portraits 005_karen seifert_black taxi_band tug o war_nyc 008_karen seifert_black taxi_silouette_band nyc

Check out a music video here!


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