Kathleen + Sherri | Stoney Creek Farm | Boonsboro, Maryland

What I do is pretty special, I mean not only do I get to go to parties all the time but I also get to document events in people’s lives that are so important. Kathleen and Sherri had a very intimate, classic winter wedding at the Stoney Brook Farm in Boonsboro, Maryland earlier this month. While they could have gone crazy with the holiday theme they used it just enough to have that festive feeling while still being their wedding. Christy with Red Carpet Events, and an old friend of theirs helped put this wedding together.

We started the day with the ladies getting their hair and makeup done, something Kathleen wasn’t so accustomed to so made for some great photos and conversation. While they got dressed it started to snow big beautiful snowflakes around the farmhouse so we stepped out in the winter wonderland for a few portraits. After a simple, yet very moving, ceremony we ate a delicious dinner followed by an emotional father/daughters dance. All the best to you Kathleen and Sherri!
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One thought on “Kathleen + Sherri | Stoney Creek Farm | Boonsboro, Maryland

  1. We could not be happier with our wedding or the pictures! Karen is an amazing talent and so much fun and our wedding planner Christy was the best! Amazing!

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